CSS Conf Colombia, April 10th

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1:00 PM

Welcome 🦄

1:15 PM

🇬🇧 Printing in CSS

🎙 Main talk

🇦🇷 Eva FerreiraLead Front-end Developer (Fabriik)


What is it with printers that they hate us so much? The art of printing can bring great joy to our lives… if not for those hellish machines. Perhaps we could try focusing on the print instead of the printer? Let us find the wonders that we can bring to life with the click of a button. In this talk we will go through the advantages and the process of adding a printing stylesheet to your project.

1:55 PM

🇪🇸 Como publicar un libro técnico fácilmente

⚡️ Lightning talk

🇪🇸 Carlos AzaustreGoogle Developer Expert


Todos tenemos conocimientos que podemos compartir y que mejor forma que hacerlo con un libro impreso. En 2021 hay numerosas herramientas que nos permiten hacer esto de forma fácil y sin invertir más que nuestro tiempo.

2:15 PM

🇬🇧 An intro to CSS Houdini

🎙 Main talk

🇬🇧 Laura GonzálezUI Engineer (Facebook)


Let's do some with (terrifying) live coding and find out what CSS Houdini is exactly, how it came to be, what the big picture of it; And immediately after dig right into some specific cool ideas you can use it for and some cooler things you will be able to use it for, from fancier backgrounds to making your own flexbox.

2:55 PM

🇬🇧 When accessibility and CSS come together

⚡️ Lightning talk

🇩🇪 Alena NikolaevaFront-end Developer (Hanzo)


The talk is focused on giving a quick tips for front end developers to start their accessibility journey and highlight best practices on writing CSS with accessibility in mind.

3:15 PM

🇪🇸 The SVG Files

🎙 Main talk

🇪🇸 Carmen AnsioUX Engineer (Holaluz)


You will learn to create an SVG animation with CSS.

3:55 PM

🇬🇧 CSS mythical creatures and how to get them

⚡️ Lightning talk

🇦🇷 Facundo CorradiniFront-end Developer


CSS keeps improving at an incredibly fast pace, but there are some patterns that still lie in mythical territories. In this talk we'll check out some of them, why they are considered "impossible", and how can we get there still with our current CSS tools and some creativity. From previous siblings and first of class selectors to masonry layouts, responsive tables and container queries, you're guaranteed to leave with one or two extra tricks in your CSS toolbox!

4:15 PM

🇪🇸 CSS Performance

🎙 Main talk

🇪🇸 Joan LeónFront-end Engineer (Adevinta)


La Web Performance está ganando popularidad, tanto en los departamentos técnicos como en los de producto y negocio. Mantener una web, o aplicación, rápida y ágil mejora la experiencia de usuario y aumenta los ratios de conversión. Solemos ver mucho foco en la optimización de las peticiones de recursos, la caché, protocolo HTTP/2, en las imágenes con lazy loading y responsive image, en modularizar y “bandelizar” el Javascript. Todo eso está muy bien, pero ¿qué pasa con el CSS? En CSS tenemos margen de mejora para optimizar la performance de la web, no sólo en la carga inicial optimizando el CSS necesario en cada página, sino también en la navegación, interacciones y animaciones mientras los usuarios están en nuestra web o aplicación. En esta charla conoceremos herramientas para detectar dónde podemos mejorar nuestro CSS, algunos trucos avanzados y ejemplos de una optimización CSS para conseguir la máxima fluidez para mejorar la experiencia de usuario.

4:55 PM

🇬🇧 Ideation Process

⚡️ Lightning talk

🇦🇷 Jimena CastroProduct Designer (Google)

Discover how to define your research strategy to have the best choices in your products. You will see and E2E cycle research to gather information around Personas, Tendencies and Key insights.

5:15 PM

Meal Break 🍕

5:55 PM

SWAG Raffle 🎁

6:05 PM

🇬🇧 Shining Light on the Shadow DOM

🎙 Main talk

🇺🇸 Robin DykemaUI Engineer (Taulia)


What are web components? What is a shadow DOM? Vue and React use the virtual DOM - is that the same thing? Understanding the shadow DOM can help us craft reusable components using pseudo selectors to help us solve CSS issues of encapsulation, removing dead code, and specificity conflicts.

6:45 PM

🇪🇸 Ilustración para programadores

⚡️ Lightning talk

🇨🇴 Erifranck NuñezFront-end Developer


Ser programador y artista es algo muy poco comun, pero los procesos de pensamientos de ambas habilidades pueden complementarse de maneras interesantes, en esta charla hablaremos de la posibilidad de usar los procesos del pensamiento logico y creativo para tener un perfil mas unico y caracteristico en esta industria tecnologica.

7:05 PM

🇪🇸 CSS Testing for Humans in the AI Era

🎙 Main talk

🇨🇴 Alex RamirezFullStack Engineer (HealthIQ)


CSS Testing has always been difficult; looking at different screens, different devices, or browsers to find out that this div is shifted to the left by 1px compared to the design, or this title font is not bold anymore in this browser. Do these issues sound familiar to you? I want to share some old and new technologies and tools, including some that are AI-powered, that will ease this CSS testing journey for you.

7:45 PM

🇪🇸 Design and Marketing the Sweet Spot <3

⚡️ Lightning talk

🇨🇴 Marian VillaUI/UX (NodeSource)


I am going to share my experience through the case presentation of NodeSource, the company in which I currently work with a high performance team in engineering. And as with holistic knowledge I can establish bridges between design, marketing and engineering.

8:05 PM

🇪🇸 Figma para Frontends

🎙 Main talk

🇲🇽 Leonidas EstebanOnline Teacher (LeonidasEsteban)


Desde exportar e interpretar bien un diseño, hasta poder aportarle al sistema de diseño siguiendo el lenguaje de los diseñadores, esta charla pretende que te involucres más allá de la implementación para que diseño e ingeniería sean una unidad.

8:45 PM

🇬🇧 Scroll-Linked Animations with CSS @scroll-timeline

⚡️ Lightning talk

🇧🇪 Bramus Van DammeFreelance Front-end Expert


A new and upcoming addition to CSS are “Scroll-linked Animations” which allows you to link animations to the scroll offset of a scroll container using only CSS — no JavaScript needed! In this demo-heavy presentation we'll dig into the what this spec has to offer and what we can build with it.

9:05 PM

Closing Remarks 🌈

9:15 PM

Virtual Party 🎉